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Hunger-Free Lancaster County

Hunger-Free Lancaster County, an innovative community coalition of 40 nonprofit, private, faith-based, government and grassroots organizations, has been working since 2016 to ensure sustainable access to three healthy meals a day for all Lancastrians. HFLC is focused not only on eliminating the meal gap in Lancaster County, but is also committed to ensuring that all Lancastrians have access to the fresh, wholesome meals they need to live healthy lives. HFLC also actively supports broader related movements such as Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s Food Security Partnership and efforts to address poverty in Lancaster County through the Lancaster Coalition to Combat Poverty.

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Hunger in Lancaster County

Food insecure people in Lancaster


% Food Insecurity Rate


% of children in Lancaster living in poverty – 39.9% in the city


Average meal cost ($3.21)


% Lancastrians living below SNAP eligibility standard of 160% of poverty rate ($40,600 for a family of four in 2018)