There is a fantastic new website that provides an up-to-date list of free community meals in Lancaster City and County:

Created by the Lancaster Community Meal Program, a loose network of churches and organizations providing free daily meals in Lancaster City and County, the site is maintained by the Parish Resource Center.

PRC is working closely with all of the area meal providers to keep the listings current. There are also downloadable posters on the site; they will be updated whenever changes are made to schedules or locations.  

The website has been designed with features that cater to both the persons attending the meals and those referring others to the meals. It is a mobile-friendly site and includes a list of recent and upcoming changes so everyone can plan accordingly. You can even sign up on the website to be emailed any time changes to the schedule occur!

Many thanks to the Lancaster Community Meal Program, its members, and the PRC for this valuable contribution in our work to ensure sustainable access to three healthy meals a day for all Lancastrians!