Hunger-Free Lancaster: Our Goal

Ensure sustainable access to three healthy meals a day for every Lancastrian by 2018






Our coalition, comprised of over twenty local and regional organizations, is committed to one mission: building a hunger-free Lancaster County by creating a nutritious, accessible, and sustainable food system. Our goal is to ensure that every Lancastrian has access to three meals a day within three years, using a three-part strategy: fundraising and food donations, increasing participation in federally funded anti-hunger programs, and partnerships with schools.

Lancaster is short almost 7.2 million meals each year, creating food insecurity for nearly 60,000 people or 11.4% of Lancaster County’s population. Closing this meal gap within three years may seem like an audacious goal. But given the fact that the average cost to feed one person, one meal in Lancaster County is $3.07, it is not an insurmountable one.

Hunger is a solvable problem and as a seventh generation entrepreneur Brubaker from Lancaster County, I am positive that we can show the rest of the country how to do it!Senator Mike Brubaker

LOGO Feeding America Ribbon

We have undertaken this project with the full support of Feeding America, the national anti-hunger organization. We relied upon their tested methodologies and data to generate our target goals. Feeding America recognizes our effort as a national pilot program aligned with their mission to ‘close the meal gap.’

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