While Pennsylvanians are staying safe from the COVID-19 virus at home under Governor Wolf’s current Order, which is has been extended until May 8, there is concern about whether Lancaster’s seniors are getting the meals they need.

The Lancaster County Office of Aging has options for individuals age 60+ who are having difficulty securing food?.

Home delivered meals are available to individuals age 60+ who are homebound and unable to obtain a hot meal?.?

Those able to pay (minimal cost/day) should directly contact their local Meals on Wheels program.? ?If they donít know where to call, they can contact the Meals on Wheels of Lancaster at 717-392-4842 and ?Lancaster MOW will direct them to the appropriate office.

Those unable to pay should contact the Lancaster County Office of Aging at 717-299-7979 or www.lancoaging.org to connect with a care manager. Th?ate care manager will determine if they are eligible to receive a subsidy. Currently there is no waiting list for meal subsidies. Please advise the senior that care managers will return calls one time, so the senior will need to be available when called.